Propane Regulator & Hose
DOZYANT High Pressure Propane Adjustable Regulator Hose

Manufacturer Part Number: DZ30PSIG


Product Details

              • Output pressure 0~30 PSIG adjustable regulator with outlet gas flow indicator 0~60 PSIG. Hose measures 4 Feet long.
              • 130,000 BTU/hr rating at 30 PSIG pressure. Equipped with Excess Flow Protection. When your propane gas left in your tank too low, or the capacity flow of your appliance exceeds this regulator's Max. flow capacity too much, it will shutoff the gas flow automatically. The regulator can still work when those problems improved, unless it's defective itself.
              • Adjustable 0-30 PSI high pressure output propane regulator with 4 feet hose is a must have item for your propane burners, stove, turkey fryers, heaters, smokers. Not suitable for appliances which need LOW PRESSURE regulator.
              • High quality and excellent sealing quality is promised for your safety. This propane regulator with hose has excess flow protection for your safety and will automatically shut off.
              • No tools needed, easy and quick attachment for easier installation.



- Length: 4 feet / 48 Inch/122 cm

- Apply to: propane burners, stove, turkey fryers, heaters, smokers and other propane appliances. Not suitable for appliances which need low pressure regulator.
- Inlet Pressure: 25-250PSIG
- Outlet Pressure: 0-30PSIG
- Max.flow capacity:136000BTU
- End Connector: 3/8" flare swivel nut; Hose connection: 5/8"-18UNF 

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