20PSI Propane Regulator Hose
DozyAnt 20PSI Adjustable Propane Gas Regulator High Pressure Hose

UPC Code: 791943390142
Model Number: GGRH-20


Product Details

    • HEAT APPLIANCES FAST, REDUCE COOKING TIMES, SEAR OR SLOW COOK IN AN INSTANT - Get your appliance HOT in 5 minutes all year around, even in winter! No more waiting! Improve cooking time 12-25 minutes. Sear or slow cook with just the turn of the dial. Spider web clogs, burner, or propane tank issues are usually not the cause of too low heat. Replacing your stock hose with CSA Certified propane adjustable hose is a PROVEN solution to resolve our customer’s disappointment!
    • COMPLETE CONTROL OF HEATING LEVELS - Go from robust to low flames in an INSTANT by adjusting the smooth turning flow control knob. Often stock hoses will not allow for users to produce robust flames because they are built to severely restrict the user’s control of their propane powered environment. After switching to  CSA Certified propane adjustable hose, our customers are shocked to learn how inhibitive their stock hoses were to their expensive appliances! Change yours today.
    • PRODUCE ROBUST FLAMES, BEATS STOCK HOSES, and POWER YOUR APPLIANCE! - Witness a 30-42% increase in the length of your flame. Turn the dinky flame on your fire pit table into a flame thrower! Hold cooking temperatures from 125 – 400+ degrees. Seize the control of your powerful appliance away from those low powered and failing stock hoses and place it back under your own control, NOW! You can have full uninhibited regulation of the power of your appliance.
    • EFFORTLESS INSTALL OF HOSE AND PROPANE TANKS, INCREASED MANEUVERABILITY IN TANK PLACEMENT - 5 minutes is all it takes to install your hose or swap out your propane tank. Stock hoses are short and severely restrict propane tank placement or direction. CSA Certified propane adjustable hose is 4ft (feet) long allowing you to place your tank where YOU want it! No more struggle with space! Configure your space how you like when barbecuing, grilling, frying or using flame with gas.
    • WILL NEVER LEAK OR YOUR MONEY BACK! UNLEASH THE POWER IN YOUR APPLIANCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK! - guarantees all customers an 30% increase in power to their appliance or their money back no questions asked! Fish Fryers, Fire Pits, Smokers, Pig Roasters, you name it, our hoses are guaranteed to be void of leaks without the use of washers or tapes or your money back. The perfect seal ensures consistent release of liquefied petroleum pressure from the propane tank and we guarantee it!

Description Features

It offers our propane gas burner hose to be used as a replacement LP (LPM) hose part for burners, smokers, turkey fryers, fryers, and grills fueled by propane. The 4 ft propane gas burner hose comes with an inline gas regulator adapter adaptor guage to control the release of propane gas up to 20 PSI. If you are looking to apply up to 20 PSI of propane tank gas with a guage, look no further! Our hose easily extend propane gas up to 4 ft from your tank to your appliance.

Wondering about using liquefied petroleum as a fuel source for your BBQ, smoker, grilling or frying needs but not sure if you should make the jump? Consider the benefits of propane compared to other fuel sources and how effecient it is. Really there is no comparison. Propane is particularly useful as a portable fuel because its boiling point is -44 F (-42 C). That means that even at very low temperatures it vaporizes immediately upon release from its pressurized container resulting in a clean-burning fuel that doesn't require a lot of equipment. Add our simple to install hose and you have everything that you need to get going.

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