Propane 1lb adapter
DozyAnt Steak Saver Adapter 1 lb to 20 lb Propane Tank Adapter for Disposable Throwaway Cylinder, Converter Universal 1 Pound / 16.4oz Disposable Small Bottle for 20 or 30 Pound LP Gas Steel Bottle

Model Number: GD1-20
UPC Code: 634304877886


Product Details

                  • ✔ EFFORTLESSLY CONNECT 1LB PROPANE BOTTLES : by connecting them to the propane regulator to your gas grill.
                  • ✔ NEVER RUN OUT OF PROPANE AGAIN : This tool is a necessity for anyone that has ever experienced running out gas at the worst possible time.
                  • ✔ 100% SOLID BRASS : adapter is built to last for a lifetime and its deep inner threads allow it to screw on more securely, preventing leaks
                  • ✔ GREAT FOR : Caterers, Campers and anyone that cooks on the grill or has cookouts





 - Can use during emergency times when you run out of propane on the BBQ Tank IMPORTANT To use this adapter - Always connect the 1 LB tank last NEVER RUN OUT OF PROPANE AGAIN! 

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