Propane Hose
DOZYANT Propane Regulator and Hose Universal Grill Regulator Replacement Parts, QCC1 Hose and Regulator for Most LP Gas Grill, Heater and Fire Pit Table,3/8" Female Flare Nut, 2 Feet

UPC Code: 705883999884


Product Details

        • ✔ INTRODUCING NEW GRILL DOC PROPANE TANK CAP Heavy Duty Brass 1 LB Propane Bottle Caps
        • ✔ UNIVERSAL FIT : Fits any 1 lb propane cylinder and also be used to protect the connection on other similarly sized propane accessories.
        • ✔ DESIGNED to shield the valve of a 1lb cylinder from dirt and dust when not in us, as well as protect it from damage if accidentally dropped or bumped.
        • ✔ FEATURES : protects the threads of disposable propane bottle. Help prevent leaks. Solid 100% Brass. Saves Money and Conserves Propane.
        • ✔ PERFECT for Camping, RV use or home application.


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